Veterinary Technology Class
Roland-Story High School

Class Syllabus

Upon completion of this unit, the student will be able to:

• Explain the structure and function of body systems in agricultural animals.
• Analyze comparative anatomy between humans and agricultural animals.
• Identify common diseases of agricultural animals and list symptoms and treatments.
• Identify and explain animal cells.
• List the types of animal tissues.
• List and explain the basic structures of the heart, and what functions of the circulatory system.
• Explain the significance of the renal system.
• Analyze the anatomy of the respiratory system.
• List the function of the skeletal system.
• Explain the estrous cycle.
• Identify the organs and functions of the digestive system.
• Identify the parts and function of the nervous system.
• Explain the important vital signs in animals.

Units of Study

Study Guides
Enrichment Activities

Lesson 5.4
Animals In Agriculture

Project 5.4.1 Animal Anthropology

Activity 5.4.2 Priority Decisions

Activity 5.4.3 Internal Body Systems

Quizlet of Vocabulary

Battleship vocabulary Project 5.4.1

Lesson Quiz

Lesson 5.5
Animal Care


Activity 5.5.1 Food for Animals

Activity 5.5.2 Keeping Warm

Activity 5.5.3 Deception of Perception

Problem 5.5.4 Animals as Food

Lesson Quiz #1


1. Animal Cells

Rags to Riches intro terms

Rags to Riches notes part 1

cells hangman

Quizlet of Vocabulary

Rags to Riches game

Animal Cells Rags To Riches


animal cells

2. Animal Tissues

tissues study guide

tissues research project

tissues hangman

quizlet vocabulary

Tissues Jeopardy

Rags to Riches

Scaventer Hunt #1

Introduction to Tissues scavenger hunt #2


Animal Tissues

3. Circulatory Systems

circulatory system study guide

circulatory system poster

Circulatory System Gizmo Lab

Quizlet of Vocabulary

circulatory system hangman

Rags to Riches

Rags to Riches #1

Jeopardy Activity

Rags to Riches #2

Battleship Review Activity

parts of the heart -- matching

Circulatory Systems

4. Renal System
5. Respiratory System
6. Skeletal System

7. Reproductive System



8. Digestive Systemm


9. Nervous System


10. Endocrine System



11. Immune System


12. Zoonotic Diseases


Unit 3 Test
(over lessons 9 to 12


13. Parturition


14. Allergies


Supplemental materials



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