Agricultural Mechanic Class
Small Gas Engines Unit

This is an six week long unit of instruction that deals with small gasoline engines, service and maintenance. In this unit, students will be working with various small gasoline engines as they learn about components, carburetors, timing, diagnosing, and measurements.

Unit Objectives: Upon completing this unit, the student will be able to:

1. Practice appropriate safety precautions.
2. Identify the major parts and systems of small engines.
3. Describe the general operation of two and four stroke engines.
4. Conduct recommended maintenance procedures on small engines.
5. Solve minor small engine problems.
6. Prepare a small engine for storage.

Student activities:

using micrometers
Engine oils and fuels Rags to Riches
The four stroke engine jeopardy game.
Rags to Riches Test Review.
Practice Quiz -- Compression System
Oil Races and Lubrication Link
Small Gasoline Engines unit test.
Battleship -- compression system
Engine Displacement Quiz
Compression system quiz


1. Use micrometers.
2. Disassemble an engine.
3. Identify parts of the engine.
4. Make classroom presentations.
5. Remove and replace rings.
6. Change and dispose of engine oil.
7. Time an engine.
8. Inspect, remove, and replace seals and bearings.
9. Hone a cylinder.
10. Pre and Post tests.
11. Crossword puzzle/terms and definitions.