Agricultural Mechanic Class
Plumbing Unit

This is a two week long unit of instruction that deals with the usage of plumbing in an agricultural setting. This unit is designed to allow students to be able to correctly gain hands on experiences while working around the basics of plumbing work in an agricultural setting.

Achievement Objectives: Students will be able to:

1. Identify tools used for plumbing work.
2. Identify and select pipe.
3. Identify common pipe fittings.
4. Assemble pipe.
5. Maintain water systems.

Student activities:

1. Pre test over unit.
2. Reading over unit.
3. Study guide/lessons.
4. Crossword puzzle/terms and definitions.
5. Labs -- sweat copper pipe, copper tubing, plastic/pvc pipes.
6. Flair copper tubing.
7a. Identify common vocabulary terms. Hangman activity.
7b. Rags to Riches activity.
8. Replace washers in a faucet.
9. Assemble plumbing exercise.
10. Research report and presentation.
11. Post test.