Agricultural Mechanic Class
Machinery Management Unit

This is a two week long unit of instruction that deals with agricultural farming equipment. This unit is designed to allow students to be able to correctly identify, recommend, service/maintain, and financially account for pieces of farm equipment.

Achievement Objectives: Students will be able to:

1. Estimate machine capacity.
2. Determine field efficiency.
3. Calculate power requirements.
4. Estimate machinery capacity requirements.
5. Estimate machinery costs such as fixed and variable.

Student activities:

1. Pre-test.
2. Chapter readings
3. Study guide/lessons.
4. Crossword puzzle/terms and definitions.
5. Operate a skid steer.
6. Identify ten pieces of farming machinery common to this area.
7. Nomograph exercise.
8. Use/observe a dynameters.
9. Operate equipment.
10. Determine efficiency factors.
11. Design chart/poster on equipment.
12. Price equipment.
13. Post-test.