Agricultural Mechanic Class
Concrete Unit

This is a two week long unit of instruction that deals with the usage of concrete in an agricultural setting. This unit is designed to allow students to be able to correctly gain hands on experiences while working around the basics of concrete work.

Achievement Objectives: Students will be able to:

1. Identify tools used for concrete work.
2. Select ingredients for mixing concrete.
3. Make a workable masonry mix.
4. Prepare forms for concreting.
5. Pour concrete.
6. Finish concrete.
7. Calculate concrete and block for a job.

Student activities:

1. Pre test over unit.
2. Reading over unit.
3. Study guide/lessons.
4. Crossword puzzle/terms and definitions.
5. Labs -- mix concrete, pour concrete, finish concrete.
6. Make patio brick.
7. Construct forms.
8. Research report and presentation.
9. Post test.