Agricultural Shop Class
Roland-Story High School

Introductory Unit Assignment

Class Syllabus

Wood Projects


Wood Shop Safety
(Must pass all safety tests by at least 90%)

Wood Safety Final Test

Reading Packet
Video Summary
( from Mead HS -- Mead, WA.)
On Line tests
General Wood Safety Test

Course Standards:

Analyze situations, use problem solving and make appropriate decisions.
Use appropriate communication skills.
Effectively manage time.
Work productively with a group and independently.
Produce quality work.
Explore various career interests and options.
Prepare lumber for finishing.
Identify and demonstrate safe use and maintenance of tools.
Use equipment correctly as shown or demonstrated.
Determine a bill of materials.
Create and follow a set of blueprints.
Demonstrate proper measurements.
Calculate board feet, square feet and linear feet.
Select and properly/safely use hand and power tools.
Maintain clean and orderly shop area.

Story County Fair Entry Form