Financial Literacy Unit
Record Keeping and Analysis


This 3 week long unit of instruction is designed to instruct students about financial records and their analysis. Students will learn about basic financial management and will be introduced to SAE (supervised agricultural experience) projects and in the keeping and analysis of records. Students will also begin a basic electronic record book project. In addition, students will be developing a "beef jerky' business in which they will be responsible for all management decision in this Entrepreneurship segment of the unit of study.


Specific assignments:

1. Determine net worth and its associated ratios.
2. Determine cash flow and set up cash flow statements.
3. Set up income and expense (profit/loss) statements.
4. Determine depreciation.
5. Calculate taxes.
6. Learn and use excel spreadsheets for financial records analysis.
7. Begin record keeping (SAE) project.
8. Develop, plan, manufacture, and market a product.

List of Unit Activities/Assignments:
(are in word, PowerPoint, or Excel forms)

Financial Literacy Quiz #2

6. Net Worth Template (excel document)
10. Cash Flow Template -- excel document
11. Cash Flow Statement --Quiz #2
12. Cash flow template #2 -- excel document
17. blank record book -- excel document
22. Unit Test over Financial Literacy